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My interest in radio started in 1987 when I was 15 years old and living in Talca. I began listening to FM broadcasting so that I could record music on cassette tapes to take to parties. The closest FM station was in Curico, 55 kms north of Talca so I needed to install an outdoor hi-gain antenna to receive the station. I began to study various antenna designs and built several different antennas always with the desire to improve the received signal of the distant FM stations. I also discovered I was able to copy many other FM and short wave stations and soon I was listening to signals from around the world. In early 1988 I received SWL license CE-064 and in late 1988 obtained the license as an aspiring amateur A-8304.

I obtained my Novice license CE4PBB in 1989 and a little time later passed the examination for extra class. My main interest was in DX and Contesting. I joined the Radio Club of Talca CE4TA and with my friend CE4MWK Luis, we entered many contests from the club station. In 1991 I bought my first commercial transceiver, a Kenwood TS-820S to replace my old Thomson CSF mono-band  40 meter transceiver.

1992, activating CE County

Talca 1994, my first shack

3G1M Team

In 1995 I graduated from the University Federico Santa María as an Industrial Engineer with a major in Telecommunications. I moved to Santiago in 1996 to work for a local company as a Field Engineer designing microwave links using Harris equipment.

For 3 years I maintained my station in Talca, and for the major contests I travelled the 250 Kms each way to operate the contest. In 2000 I installed a dipole on the top of my apartment building in Santiago and shortly after I installed a Mosley tri-bander TA33-M for use in contests.

In November 2005 I participated in the 3G1M DXpedition to Santa María Island IOTA SA-069 with the Atacama Desert Group. In February 2006, after participating in national and international contests for 18 years I received my new call sign, CE4CT.

CE4PBB in 1996

ZV5O, WRTC 2006
MN-MS Team

In July 2006 I participated in WRTC 2006 in Brazil in the special category Multi National – Multi Single from ZX5O in Curitiba. In September 2006, I founded the “CE Contest Group” to stimulate local activity in contests from CQ zone 12.

In 2008 I travelled to Mexico and Canada and became an honorary member of the BCDX Club. I wrote the Canadian amateur examination and obtained the call VE7BFN, the former callsign of Dale, VE7SV who has been my mentor.

I am thankful of the support of my family, especially Tito, my grandfather who provided support and encouragement for me and I am proud that my hobby has become my profession... 73, Roberto

Mt. Thom in 2008

Other Calls used, 3G4P, XR4P, LU/CE4CT, PY5/CE4CT, XE1/CE4CT and VE7/CE4CT.

Member of: Radio Club Manquehue CE3BSQ; Radio Club Talca CE4TA (passive); CE Contest Group;
Atacama DX Desert Group; LU Contest Group and the BCDX Club


CE4CT and VE7SV -- 2009

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