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I first got interested in radio and code when I was just a delivery boy delivering telegrams for the CNT. One of the operators Dave Blackburn started to teach me Morse on a bug. I practiced any time I was not delivering telegraph messages. But being a young fellow I then left the telegraphs to go on to other things. In later years I joined the RCN and in basic training we had to take code with the shutter lights and I could hear the shutters which was not corresponding to the code by light. So I failed drastically on that. After basic training I was drafted out to the west coast on a destroyer HMCS Crusader and shipped out to Korea for a year as a Stoker in boiler,engine and gear rooms. After that draft was completed then on to other ships and many other countries. I met my wife Marjorie a year before my five year contract was ended with the navy.
We then moved to Jasper Alberta where I was a brakeman with the CNR. Later we moved to Prince Rupert for a few years. Then I decided I would go back in heavy construction as I was a steam pipe-fitter by trade. I had then moved to Victoria where I left my wife and four youngsters to live while I moved around to other parts of B.C. and Alberta to work on pulp mill, mines and oil refineries.
I had got interested in CB radio in 1976 and really enjoyed talking all over the world in this mode. I had a pretty good station and large antenna which certainly helped me get out. Then when working on a project in Port Alice on the island I found they had a Ham class starting in Port McNeil. I had good intentions then to go over there to take classes then we poured on the hours on our project. So once again I had to bypass the situation.
Finally I got back to Victoria for a time and started to study and get my code going. This time when I went to my next project I decided to study and do code by myself. I studied real hard and stuck to it until I finally was ready to go into Victoria for my Amateur licence which I passed. Now I was off to the races and enjoyed code to all parts of the world. Finally after having to work CW for a year and log my contacts I got to write my advanced licence. Now I could also use phone which I really enjoyed. I then met VE7EW  Ross (now SK) and VE7WO Chuck. These two fellows kept after me to send in my QSL's and to chase DX. Well, when they finally got me to do so, I made my first submission and got my DXCC Honour Roll.  It took me seven years to do that and then of course is the BIG one. DXCC #1. I did finally get that after waiting years for the VU4 to come on the air from Andaman Island.  The last two are now KH8SI and 4O3T which I worked to keep my #1 status. I also got the CLARA DXCC award for working 100 YL stations in 100 countries.
I had been asked to operate with a team that went to XF4 but I declined. Then I was asked to join the team to VY9SS St. Paul Island. I accepted this one and got to know what the pileup was like on the other end. It is an experience that I will not forget and enjoyed the comradery. It required lots of hard work and on the team I was with I was the only climber so had my work cut out for me. I would definitely do it again.
Then Marqe CT1BWW asked me to be the west coast pilot station for them on the CU5X,CU6X and CU7X. They did well and they were pleased with the help of all Pilots.
So now it is just a lot of rag chewing and looking for the next NEW ONE....Don

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Shack 2006
TS 850 SAT, TS 440 SAT
SB 220 Heathkit Amp
Heil Headset (c/w 4 & 5 cartridges)


Delhi tower failure in the winter of 2002

Left tower is a 68' Delhi
Isopole, Th3 10-15-20m, 80m inverted V
and a 75m Delta loop.
Right tower is a 56' Delhi 
A3WS Cushcraft 12 b& 17m
Mosley 2 el monobander 40m
Cushcraft 19 el 2m (on rotator on standoff)


A3WS Cushcraft 12 b& 17m
Mosley 2 el monobander 40m
Cushcraft 19 el 2m (on rotator on standoff

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