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My interest in radio truly began in my early teenage years when I became interested in CB radio. I regret that at the time I never met anyone or otherwise got exposed to ham radio but eventually girls and work over took my time and I lost interest. Later in life, after many years of snowmobiling in the back country of BC, I decided I would like to have better communication options than a cell phone. I started to inquire about hand held radio's and soon discovered that becoming a ham operator would facilitate my needs. I eventually took a course and became licensed in 1996 with the call VE7AGG -- and then was fortunate to get the VE7AG call in the last few years.

At the start of the course (there was 8 people in the class) the instructor said in his preamble that some of us would become just casual hams; others would probably not use it much, but that chances were that one person in the course would become completely addicted to it. At the time I laughed to myself thinking I just want this 'ticket' so I can get a handheld radio. Well it turns out the instructor was right and I was wrong as ham radio plays a big role in my life now.

I operate mainly on the 6m band and have struggled my way up to 40 countries, mostly on cw. Thanks to the help of ve7xf, ve7sl and ve7ska I have become completely addicted to the mystique of 6m propagation and spend all my free time listening and 'investigating' 50 MHz dx. Without question, the highpoint of my 6m DX activities to date came on June 10, 2001 when I (along with a few other VE7's) finally succeeded in an over the pole contact with Europe! (Read a detailed account of this exciting event)

I do occasionally operate the upper weak signal VHF bands as well as enjoy HF contesting and low band DXing whenever I'm lucky enough to be a guest operator at a contest station. My keenness in DXing was enough to get the attention of ham friend Greg, VE7SOD (SK) who invited me to attend a meeting of the BCDX Club. Although the Club had always been HF orientated, I was warmly greeted and now enjoy the pleasure of the company of the fellow members -- some of whom still don't understand why anyone would want to listen to a band as 'dead' as 6m's -- grin.

My wife Sue, VE7SUE and I live in Richmond BC and I have been self employed since 1986 as an arborist in the tree service business. Aside from radio, I do occasionally still find time for snowmobiling and hiking. Sue and I have also recently become active boaters here on the west coast...Jason

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VE7AG - Shack


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Demonstrating tower climbing equipment and rope safety technique 

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Left: 9el 50 MHz yagi
Right: tri band HF dipole (the center element from a Mosley) on a Wilson telescopic tilt-over tower that extends to50 ft.

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The homebrew (design and fabricated) 9el 50 MHz yagi is on a Wilson telescopic tilt-over tower that extends to 78ft.


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