Station Tour: VE7AHA / VA7CW

Picture 1 is my third station in about 1959 when I was WA2AYM. The main antenna was a home-brew 20m three-element beam on a 12 foot boom and an E-Z-Way tower. I DXed with K1IFJ about 12 miles away in Connecticut. We couldn’t afford the long distance phone calls (from W2 to W1) so we would send .-.-.-.-.-. while running up and down the band with the VFO. This meant meet at 14055.

I spent some time with the infantry in XV in 1967 and there may have been some bootlegging possibility using an HF synthesized field radio from Harris. There may have also been power from PRC-25 batteries, a hand key strapped to the leg and the antenna may have been a dipole made from zip cord previously used to detonate claymore mines. Maybe. Maybe there are other stories. Maybe not.

Picture 2 is my first station in VE7 about 1972. Note the Heathkit SB-10 Buckshot Generator. Alan – VE7AON (now VE7SZ) was a close neighbor then and reminded me frequently about the fine quality and quantity of the shot.

The station was on a door propped on the lip of the foundation. Because of the height, the footlockers raised the chair to the proper level. One late night I woke from nodding off to see a huge spider crawl out from under the Valiant. I jerked back, rolled off the platform and nearly pulled the HQ-110 off the table with the headphone cord.

Pictures 3 and 4 are current stations. Look carefully and you will find most of the junk from pictures 1 and 2. The Buckshot Generator and Globe Chief went to Ron, VE7XR. Lord knows why he wanted them.

I like DX, Contests, old Morse stuff (keys, books, toys), fishing, beer and twins. A great trip will include more than one of my interests. Recent trips to T32, V31, S5 and OH included lots of radio but also some very special fishing experiences. In OH, I even found a bunch of keys. All trips of course include lots of beer. Regretfully, none have included twins.

wa2aym.jpg (60388 bytes)

Picture 1 (WA2AYM circa 1959)

aha_1972.jpg (52615 bytes)

Picture 2 (VE7AHA circa 1972)

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Picture 3: Main operating position

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Picture 4: Vintage operating position the Tour Page

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