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In days gone by, one had to be at least 15 years old to obtain a Canadian Amateur Radio License and mine was enthusiastically received on my 15th birthday.   I started off as VE7AAF and then became VE7BD in 1967.  Other calls that I have held or operated with include ZF1CC, VP2M, VP2MBD, VP2A, VE7CCC and /KH6.


While I successfully built my first transmitter, my preference has always been to operate and play with antennas.  I initially focused on CW and became a very active traffic handler at all levels of the National Traffic System.  I was a founding member of the BCEN (BC Emergency Net) CW Traffic Net.  It wasn't long before I discovered contesting and then actively participated.  For a number of years, I rented a 5 acre 250 foot high oceanfront bluff just north of Victoria for the sole purpose of contesting.  In 1975 as VP2M in Montserrat, along with Homer K7RA, Danny K7SS and Dale VE7SV, a new Worldwide Record was set in M/S CQWW SSB.  I also have had the honor of operating from W7RM in M/M. 


DX was next on my agenda and I have possessed a #1 Honor Roll Mixed for a number of years.  Mentors were Bill, VE7ZM and Ian, VE7PV.  My greatest claim to fame however is that I failed miserably in the transition from a Vibroplex Original bug to an electronic keyer.  Send as fast as you like but don't expect me to respond flawlessly. When the DX hear a VE7 with a 5-letter suffix, they know who it is and I get through on the first call.   


Over the years, I have used equipment from many manufacturers.  Currently I use a rotating tower with 7 HF yagis, 1000D, 751A, Alpha 78 and Barking Dog.... Brent


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SO3R in 1960 CW SS
(Instantaneous band switching with 3 each Heathkit Apaches and Mohawks)


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Search n' Pounce operator



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October 2002 Run Station



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